Keep up the pressure on Racing SA

As you will have seen across our social media platforms, the Committee of SAJR made a detailed submission to the Board of Racing SA relating to the future of jumps racing in SA.

In it, we requested that the Board of Racing SA urgently reconsider its decision announced on 1 October not to program jumps races in SA in 2022.

The Committee of SAJR also requested a meeting with the Board at the earliest possible opportunity.

We were not given the opportunity to meet with the Board and the detail of our submission did not influence the Board to reverse its decision.

SAJR Members may find the information in this submission of use in your own correspondence with the Racing SA Board and the Committee of Oakbank Racing Club. You can download a copy of the submission here.

Write to the Board today!

It is also important to ensure that Members of the Racing SA Board and management are aware of the swell of public opinion opposing this decision.

Therefore, if you haven’t already done so, please email members of the Board to express your support for continuing jumps racing in SA.

Rob Rorrison (Chairman)
Brett Dixon (Deputy Chairman)
Cos Cardone
Grant Harrison
Stephen Watts
Matt Lloyde
Timothy Stokes

You should also email members of the Racing SA Racing Department

Nick Redin (CEO)
Nick Bawden
Vaughan Lynch
John Cornell
Rhett Cook
Maxine Green (Assistant to CEO)

Also make sure that you email Oakbank Racing Club to express your displeasure at their role in this decision:

SA jumps racing facts and figures

On the SAJR website, we have posted statistics for previous jumping seasons, and are in the process of updating this. These stats are important because the Racing SA decision would appear to be based in misinformation and inaccurate data, so the better prepared we are, the more effective our lobbying can be.

The first steeplechase in South Australia (1846)
Jumps racing in South Australia has a long and cherished history

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