SA Parliament Select Committee on Jumps Racing

The House of Assembly of the Parliament of South Australia has established a Select Committee to inquire into and report on jumps racing in South Australia, and in particular a) whether or not it should be banned; and b) any related matters.

The Select Committee on Jumps Racing is receiving submissions until 31 January as to whether jumps racing should be banned in South Australia. Click here for the link to the Committee’s website.

It is imperative that the Australian jumps racing fraternity bands together and makes positive submissions to the Committee. The following is a list of suggestions for topics that could be included, based on discussions with jumps racing supporters:

  • the steps that the racing industry has taken to mitigate risk in jumps racing
  • the overall welfare of jumps racing horses and how they are cared for
  • the regulation that is involved in ensuring jumping horses are fit and able to take part in jumps races
  • the fact that Oakbank is the best-attended two days of racing in South Australia (far in advance of the numbers that attend the Adelaide Cup)
  • how the crowds at Oakbank could be diminished if jumps races were no longer held
  • how jumps racing at Oakbank has been a part of South Australian history for 140 years and that a jumps ban could lead to its ultimate demise
  • the fact that, when encouraged by government and the industry, jumps racing is growing in popularity with the public (as evidenced by the increased number of meetings and prize money in Victoria)
  • Irish Jumps Day is the highlight of the winter racing season at Morphettville, demonstrating the sport’s popularity in South Australia
  • the economic effects that a ban on jumps racing would have on the South Australian economy
  • the economic effects that a ban on jumps racing would have in particular on the Adelaide Hills tourism industry and economy
  • if CPR and other activists succeed in banning jumps, this will be the ‘thin end of the wedge’ i.e., what will be next?

I would urge all jumps racing supporters to take the time to make a submission to express your support for the sport. It’s important that we don’t leave this to others – as you can imagine, anti-jumps racing supporters have been very active in writing to the Committee and so we have to show that we care about our sport by becoming active.

Long Live Jumps Racing!

Oakbank Racing Club | South Australian Jumps Racing
All jumps racing supporters need to make a submission to the SA Parliament Select Committee on Jumps Racing (Image credit: Greg Irvine)


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