Petition to Save South Australian Jumps Racing

Racing Minister Leaon Bignell has, of late, made no secret of the fact that he rather wishes jumps racing would go away.

He has done this both in public and in private. However, his recent comments in response to the news that Greens MLC Tammy Franks was introducing a Bill into the SA Parliament to ban jumps racing were nothing less than devastating. Of particular interest is Minister Bignell’s boast that

I think I’m the first Racing Minister to say I think jumps racing is a thing of a bygone era

Other notable contributions from the Minister include his comments about jumps racing on 5AA in Adelaide (February 2015):

In addition, there is his letter in response to my letter regarding his 5AA comments, in which he made clear that the government was reconsidering its position to leave decisions about jumps racing in South Australia to TRSA. There is very much a sense that the government is now, with Ms Franks’ backing, moving towards trying to implement a ban.

With a Minister in charge of racing who is openly hostile to jumps racing, it is imperative that the jumps racing fraternity makes it clear to the SA government that there is support for the industry in the state and that significant numbers of people want it to continue. You can do so by signing this petition to Premier Weatherill and Minister Bignell urging them to reject Ms Franks’ Bill:

Sign the petition and share with as many friends, colleagues and jumps racing fans as possible. This is a matter of some urgency, and so I would urge you all to take action without delay.

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