Write to Members of the South Australian Upper House to Defeat the Bill to Ban Jumps Racing

It is important that members of the South Australian Upper House are made aware of the support that there is in the SA and Australian jumps racing fraternities for the continuation of our sport.

The Upper House may prove crucial should, as increasingly appears to be the case, the Labor government intends to support the Bill introduced by Tammy Franks (MLC, Greens) that would see jumps racing in South Australia outlawed. The current make up of the Upper House is 7 ALP, 2 Greens, 1 Dignity for Disability, 2 Family First, 2 Independent and 8 Liberal Party members.

It may prove crucial to defeating the passage of the Bill that we garner sufficient support in the Upper House for Ms Franks’ Bill to be rejected. Therefore, it is important that jumps racing supporters make their views known to these representatives.

A list of members of the Upper House and their email addresses can be found here.

In the meantime, if you haven’t signed and shared our petition to see the Bill defeated, please do so! The petition can be found here.

Long Live Jumps Racing!

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