A Passionate Defence of Jumps Racing in South Australia

Nicolle Flint once more provides a calm, reasoned and, more importantly, well-reserached insight into jumps racing. Recent enhancements have made jumps racing even safer than when the last Bill to outlaw it was rejected in 2011 and so logic would dictate that attempts to ban it now are based on ideological rather than animal welfare grounds. Nicolle is also spot on in her analysis of the importance of Oakbank to the social fabric of South Australian life, not only in terms of the tradition it represents but also for the revenue it generates. One of the great occasions in the SA social calendar, Oakbank would be sorely missed should the current Bill before Parliament succeed and jumps racing is banned in South Australia.

Read the full article here.

2014 Great Eastern Steeplechase at Oakbank Racing Club
(Image credit: Tom Huntley)

One comment

  1. Hear hear. About time some common sense prevailed. Is our economy so healthy that we can lose more jobs and take more money out of the local economy for a handful of activists. I bet Tammy Franks isn’t supporting one horse’s feed bill

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