2017 SAJR Membership


Show your support for jumps racing in South Australia by joining SAJR. Download the 2017 Membership form here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Aj64oYZ0cgCKcS-Q3cbUgRAb9x8

2016 was one of the most positive years for jumps racing in South Australia in some time.

The recommendation by the Select Committee that jumps racing be allowed to continue in our state, and that Parliament not re-visit the issue for at least three years, is nothing short of a triumph.

Part of the reason that we are in the position of being able to move forward is through the efforts of SAJR Members to promote jumps racing in a positive light, its ability to influence decision makers, and its role as a place where jumps racing supporters can come together to share their love of the sport.

Your Membership of SAJR means we are able to continue to support and promote jumps racing here in SA, and ensure that the jumps racing community continues to have a voice, both within the racing industry and in the corridors of power!

To join SAJR, or to renew your current membership, please click on the button below to download your 2017 membership form. At only $25 for individual membership, or $30 for a family membership, this is excellent value, and includes:

  • 2017 SAJR Membership Card
  • Free entry to the 2017 Oakbank Racing Club Prelude Meeting on Sunday 2 April
  • Quarterly editions of the SAJR Newsletter via email
  • Free entry to the SAJR End of Season Celebration
  • Free SAJR cap for new members

Show your support for SA jumps racing and become a Member today!

Download the 2017 Membership form here: https://1drv.ms/b/s!Aj64oYZ0cgCKcS-Q3cbUgRAb9x8



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